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Dear Primos and Friends:

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful July 4th celebration. In keeping with the American Revolution, you will find a few articles on the importance of the Spanish horses on the history and development of the United States.

Yesterday, I had a telephone conversation with my Aunt Alicia.  She
lives in Stockton. I told her about an incident that occurred during a stay with my Tia Elia in Stockton. I was in 5th grade and cousin Albita in the 3rd grade. Every now and then, Abuelito would give us 5 cents for an after school treat. One Monday he gave each of us 25 cents. We were in heaven.  We each decided to get a huge 5 scoop cone with our 25 cent. Of course by the time we got home, the ice cream was running down our arms, clothes, and shoes, and most was lost on the sidewalk.

My Aunt Alicia asked if I learned anything and how long it took for me to get the message of the experience.  I said, by the next day because Every day we walked past the same ice cream store, was a reminder. We were also back to an occasional 5 cents from Abuelito.

Abuelito was an educator in Mexico, a good teacher. He taught me to to plan ahead. The comments and personal observations found in histories of ancestors, current newspaper and magazine articles, can reveal character and teach principles.

You will read of numerous projects underway to record the Latino
historic presence from a personal perspective.  They are entitled:
Portraiture Now, The Media and Idea Lab, American and Latino Fund, the Latino Americans' Mi Historia project, and Smithsonian Journey Stories.

If we want our story told correctly, we need to tell them ourselves.
Write, record, or videotape,one story at a time, just start.

God bless America . . and our place in it.

Cuento: How The Alamo Helped Win The American Revolution By Robert H.
Cuento: Heritage Discovery Museum by Robin Collins
The Associated Press, 6/29: "Wild horse is on the Verge of going extinct
in North America."
Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, July 4th Celebration
The History of the Official Versions of Change of the American Flag
Cuento: I say Hispanic. You say Latino. How did the whole thing start?
by Yasmin Anwa
Cuento: Y a mi, qué? Who Does the Civil Rights Movement Belong To? by
Eduardo Diaz
Projects at the Smithsonian Latino Center Newsletter
Columbia Study Finds Marginal Latino Presence Across U.S. Mainstream
        Despite Growing Population, Posted by Vanessa Gonzalez
Latinopia and "Political Salsa y Más" blog
American Latino Heritage Fund
Cuento: Change!!! by  Daisy Wanda Garcia
Cuento: If you are doing a good work, expect opposition by Mimi Lozano
Cenotaph will be erected at the Texas State Cemetery to honor José
Antonio Navarro, Texas patriot
Cuento: Casa Navarro Essay Contest
Cuento: Career Volunteer Honored by County by Vanessa Finney
Cuento:  The Sole of an Artist by Lisa Liddane
Latino Americans' Mi Historia
Cuento: ''Cesar Chavez,'' Conditions in the Fields and the Struggle over
Cuento: Terms of Identity: What's in a Name?  By Felipe de Ortego y
NCLR Annual National Conference and National Latino Family Expo, July

Cuento: Preserving Tejano Texas is not an option; it's a must! by José
Antonio López
 A Tale of Two Californias by Galal Kernahan, Part 1
Texas State Historical Association, Texas Day by Day

Raul Mena Lopez, Neuropathologist

Youtube: The Morena Group, Inc. by Victor Mancilla
Cuento: Long Battle to win recognition for the Borinqueneers reached far
beyond DC
Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Alliance by Frank Medina
Information on the Book: The Men of Company E by Alfredo Lugo
Cuento: Reminiscences of a Naval Aviator,  Figure Eights by Daniel L.
Cuento: Poems about People and History by Raul Garza

Texas Connection to the American Revolution, recognized by Sons of the
American Revolution
July 23, TCARA Celebrates 10th Year of Founding
"Yo Solo"  By José Antonio López
Cuento: My Days as a Colonist / Soldier with Don Juan de Onate – Part 6
By Louis F. Serna

Map of DNA in Mexico
Mexican genetics study reveals huge variation in ancestry

One Billion Images of Ancestral Historic Records Rebirthed Online
Who is Hosting This?
Cuento: Larrañaga name is of vasco origin
Nuestra Historia Project :  Documenting the Chicana, Latino, and
Indígena Contributions to the
           Development of San Francisco
Cuento: Project Fojas Perdidas/ Lost pages
Cuento: 15-Year-Old Organizes Unique Genealogy, Event for Eagle Scout
About Billion Graves
Historical Records Survey of the U.S. Works Progress Administration
10 Don't Miss Historical Map Collections Online
FamilySearch Adds More Than 2.6 Million Indexed Records and Images to
Brazil, Chile,
           England, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, United States, and

Learning Storytelling Through Picture-Taking
the Phonar Nation is more than Photography
Zuckerberg and his wife donate $120 Million to Schools
"Echoes of Incarceration" Project - Relaunched
School's Ayala name underlines its excellence
Rosenwald School serving African American children continues
preservation successes
Latino Educational Attainment Initiative, Orange County, CA

Los Cowboys Reality Series on Huhu
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Why Was this Taco Fundraiser Deemed Offensive? Sent by Erasmo Riojas
Book: Charcuteria, The Soul of Spain by Jeffrey Weiss, review by Rosie

The WWI Diary of José de la Luz Sáenz, edited by Emilio Zamora
A Question of Characters by Jenny Price
Hispanics American in Congress 1822-2012
The Men of Company' E, co-authored by Arnulfo Hernandez Jr. and Samuel
The Kingdom of Zapata by Virgil N. Lott and Mercurio Martinez
Latina/os and World War II: Mobility, Agency, and Ideology,
           Co-editors: Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez and B.V. Olguín
SHHAR July 14 Meeting: July 12th: Letty Rodella, SHHAR President
          "Spanish Patriots During the American Revolution"
Photos from SHHAR June 12 Meeting
Cuento: Grijalva: A family tree that has deep roots in Orange County
Smithsonian Journey Stories at Heritage Museum of Orange County, Oct 5 -
Nov 15
Civil War Encampment, Saturday & Sunday, August 2 & 3, 2014, 10AM - 5PM

Photo: Los Angeles 1948 Street Car Chaos
Cuento: Sister Louise Ayala, April 12, 1920-
Cuento: Are you a Mexican or an American first? By Rodolfo F. Acuña
Cuento: Simons Brick Yard and the Benedictine Fathers Monastery in
Montebello, Part 1
5th Annual DNA and Genealogical Conference in San Jose, CA: August, 1,
2, & 3, 2014
Diego Dew, Sons of the Golden West, 4th grade Essay Contest
Collection of historic videos on California
Cuento: Family history of  the Antonio G. Trujillo Family of Riverside
José G. Pantoja, California Paleographer
Cuento: Mi Vida Con Carino by Lorena Ruiz de Frain, Part 1 of a 3 part
Cuento: William Money and. Isabel Abarta by Gabrielle Flavin
Cuento: A History of Logan Heights: 1918-1929 By Maria Garcia

Mask associated with sasquatch lore returned to B.C. First Nation

John Valadez named Artist-in-Residence at The Center for the Study of
the Southwest
Cuento: The Children of the River: Saved by My Tio Miguel by Virginia
Avina Lara Gill
Chicano activism changed campus, thinking By Jessica Molinar-Muñoz
The Mystical "Lady in Blue" of the American Southwest by Marilyn H.
Juarez Mother Seeks U.S. Political Asylum

Video: San Antonio,|The Saga
Handbook of Texas History Project
Segundo Barrio, El Paso
Marker for Adina DeZavala
Cuento: Huesos Locos and other Sobriquets by Margarita B. Velez
Cuento: Tunas, Fruit of the Cactus by Margarita B. Velez
Cuento:  Beneath the Shadow of the Capitol, Family Loss by Ramon
Cuento: The Bandit Era in South Texas, Part 1 by Norman Rozeff

Cuento: Michael N. Henderson Receives Author of the Year GAYA Award

LULAC National Conference, will be held July 8-12, 2014 in New York
Cuento: Tribute To The Carmen Martino, First female chief of Bergen
County Prosecutor's Office
Cuento: 'Borinqueneers' And The Valuable Lesson They Taught Us by Brian
Maya Angelou, April 4, 1928 - May 27, 2014
Why is Chicago Breaking Illinois Law by Not Teaching Black History to
All Students?

Cuento: Chester Nez, Last of Original Group of Navajo Code Talkers Dies
Jumano Indians

My Favorite Part of the Platt Youth to Israel Trip
Cuento: What I Know and Feel About Israel by Paul Holtzman
Great Minds Agree on the Jew: What is the secret of his immortality?
Spain Approves Sephardic Jew Citizenship Plan

Cuento: 14-year-old Jimmy Carabajal installs, Carabajal Collection: A
Glimpse Of Goliad,
       San Jacinto Museum of History, Texas
Archaeologists find 50 skulls in Mexican Aztec temple

Cuento: The Elopement of Los Adaes by Rueben M. Perez
Mexico's 201st Fighter Squadron in World War II: Escuadron 201
Drug War Trilogy in Juarez, Mexico
Vandalizing Monuments in Mexico Could Cost You 10 Years June 15, 2014
Julián de Alderete por Ángel Custodio Rebollo
Families of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico Volume Six
Los Firmantes del acta de la Independencia de la America Septentrional,
        por Fernando Munoz AlteaInformacion por  Tte. Corl. Intdte. Ret.
Ricardo R. Palmerín Cordero.
Hija del Señor General Don Pedro de Ampudia, Investigó y paleografió
General de Brigada Don Francisco Mejía Estrada, Investigó y paleografió
Bautismo de Doña María Guadalupe López de Santa Anna y García.
Bautismos de la Iglesia Parroquial del Valle de Santa Rosa María del
Sacramento, Coah.
Examples of birth records of Negro children being baptized in Mexico,
        identified as de los Estados Unidos el Norte
Celebración del Centenario de la Batalla de Paredón

Puma Punku, a single part of the greater Tiahuanaco complex, Bolivia
Researchers Uncover New Stretch of Inca Road to Machu Picchu
Cuento: The Philippine and American Celebration of Independence
by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.

La Vida Sigue…  by Angel Custodio Rebello
Alfonso X El Sabio, Donaciones o Regalos mandado por Ángel Custodio
Isaac Peral, Patriota y Leal, Pero Denigrado y Olvidado   por José
Antonio Crespo-Francés photos
Sarmiento de Gamboa Otro Español Olvidado por José Antonio
Spain's King Juan Carlos To Abdicate After 40 Years On The Throne

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil to help at FIFA
World Cup
Argentinean Network emagazine
Dutch Government Scrapping Multiculturalism
Cuento: Lost Bags in Pakistan and a Thatched Brothel of Bangladesh by
Jose M. Pena, Part 4

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