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[Elizondo:2811] Somos Primos November 2013 158th Online Issue


Dear Primos and Friends:

May your heart and life be filled with gratefulness for your many blessings of family and friends.  The six-hour documentary, Latino Americans has surely given visibility to our varied, yet connected histories.  We have leaders whose stories were finally told; but we have thousands of others who have dedicated their lives, to nurturing and uplifting those around them, whose stories have not been told. I invite you all to do so.

You may want to interview your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or someone who has made an impact on your life, someone who taught you a skill, or shared a value, or concept which has guided you. I invite you all to send in your thoughts. We are not looking at or for writing skills, we are looking for stories reflecting us, Latino Americans, in all our diversity.

In this issue you will see one of the changes which 2014 will bring: CUENTOS, personal, first hand family stories will be scattered throughout the issues, based on where the incidences took place. I was hoping that it would increase networking and help stir familiar memories.

I have also included a category of FICTION/NON-FICTION for those that would like to share stories based on true experiences, but with adjustments or additions for more dramatic impact or privacy.  Louis F. Serna, sent a page from the journal of a fictitious Spanish soldier,  My Days as a Colonist/Soldier with Don Juan de Onate - Part 1 by Louis F. Serna.

Each of us may think that we do not have enough personal stories to write a book, but we all have some memories that are special to us, for some reason.  That reason may touch someone else's heart, and uplift them.  For the December issue, I invite you all to send a personal Christmas memory via an email.  . . length, a half a page to 3 pages, who, what, when.

God bless, Mimi

Table of Contents for November 2013

Concerning Letters to the Editor by Mimi
The Hispanic Art Contest by Wanda Garcia
The Tex/Mex Heritage of "Lady Bird" Johnson
Latino American Documentary Resources
2013 National Council of  la Raza ALMA Awards
Denial of a History is a Denial of a People by Wanda Garcia
2013 Jose Marti Publishing Awards of the National Association of Hispanic Publications'
Ruben Salazar was a Mexican-American journalist
Con Safos: Reflection from Up On the Hill, teaser by J.A. Velarde
El Movimiento, How Latino Americans Fought for Civil Rights by Esther J. Cepeda
Latinos 101, the Hispanic Heritage of the United States by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, Ph.D.
The 1940's
Kilroy was here!

Frank Martinez: 1924-2013, artist and mentor dies at 89
Elisa Perez, Family Historian and Genealogist dies at 87
Carlos Blanco-Aguinaga: 1926-2013, literary critic, fiction writer dies at 87
Jose Montoya: 1932- 2013, poet and artist dies at 81
Raul Cortez: 1933-2013, businessman dies at 80

Save Tejano History Symposium' Held September 28th
Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS)
Thought you would like this history lesson
San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy

Freedom of Speech issue
Sergio Hernandez Cartoonist, Don't Vote For Any Incumbents
Definition of Insanity
Court: Applicants wrongly denied US citizenship
Judge: Tribal arrest a U.S. Issue

Why Save Lincoln Center: For Our Gente

Less educated Hispanic population presents both a promise and a challenge
Cuento: My Father, the Miracle Maker by Esther Bonilla Read
Why Your Mind is a Hurt Locker
Ivan Enrique Espinosa Takes First Place in Texas A&M University
Mandarin Returns Home -- SAT Scores Climb for Asian Americans
Second Feria Educativa was held at the 2013 7th Annual "Festival Cardenas"

Serna's Santos
The Flamenco Peñas in Southern Spain
Ramón "Chunky" Sánchez,: NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert Webcast
Martha González, Musician, Dancer, College Professor, Activist , Author
Latina Icon Magdalena Gómez Donates personal papers to University of Connecticut Archives
Documentary: Paper Cutouts to Steel, The Art of Carmen Lomas Garza
Sandias y Cascarones
Statement by Armando Durón about Artist Jose Ramirez
Statement by Armando Durón about Artist Ramon Ramirez

SURNAMES: Fernandez, Part II

DNA: Researching the DNA of Historical Figures

My Days as a Colonist/Soldier with Don Juan de Onate - Part 1 by Louis F. Serna
Voices de la Luna, Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine, Editor: Mo. H. Saidi, MD, ALM

River of Hope: Forging Identity and Nation in the Rio Grande Borderlands, by Omar S. Valerio-Jiménez
Brownsville by Oscar Casares
The First Texas Independence, 1813, The Unlikely Tejano, José Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara by José Antonio López
Domestic Negotiations: Gender, Nation, & Self-Fashioning in US Mexicana & Chicana Literature & Art by Marci McMahon

Century of Valor, Part Four, Vietnam War by Rogelio C. Rodriguez
Korean War Marine Eugene A. Obregon Medal of Honor discovered
Remembering Juan Francisco Herrera
The Story of Israel's Airforce that Led to Independence in '47
Veterans History Project
Experiencing War Stories from the Veterans History Project
Comments on the 6-Hour Documentary, Latino Americans
Honoring Navy Commander Eugene A Valencia
Hispanic Americans in the U.S. Army Slideshow
New Effort In Support of Congressional Gold Medal for Hispanic Heroes of the 65th Infantry - The Borinqueneers

November 16, 2013: The 200th Anniversary of the "Battle of Medina
Granaderos Out And About
Granaderos National Meeting Held in Houston, Texas
50th Anniversary San Diego's Cabrillo Festival
Yo Solo, Bernardo de Galvaz on Stage of the American Revolution
Los Españoles olvidados de la Isla de Guam

Four Stories about Seniors by Ben Romero
Chicken Nuggets
Mutton Jeff
The Closet Ballerina
Life's Disappointments

Cuento: Gloria Candelaria, Crossroads
Cuento: A Future Homemaker for America by Michele Bonilla "Lillie"
A Library for the People by Steve Mencher
Historical necrologies can be important sources of information
Reporte parcial de la Conferencia Iberoamericana de Genealogía
From Kimberly Powell, your Guide to Genealogy

November 9th, Using Picture with your Genealogy and Personal Stories
Orange County 1800s Cultural Intermarrying

Vintage Photographs of Los Angeles
Nov. 23: Introduction to Navajo and Cherokee Nation Genealogy Research
Cuento: A Brief Write up of my Life by Sister Mary Sevilla, Ph.D.
Cuento: Filming to Find Grandma Rita by Sister Mary Sevilla, Ph.D.
Cuento: Wobblies in San Pedro by Arthur A. Almeida, Part 1
Cuento: My Father, Eusebio  by Nora H. Barajas

Junipero Serra - 300th Birthday in 2013
Cuento: Refugio Rochin Family in San Diego County
November 1: Family Remembrance Day, Agua Mansa Cemetery
Women in Agua Mansa History 1838-1997 By Dr. R. Bruce Harley

For North Las Vegas's first Hispanic councilman, The Time is Now

Nov 1: The Byzantine Connection to New Mexican Families
Cuento: Is it Fideo or Vermicelli? by Margarita B. Velez
Título de la unidad: "Orden de favorecer al capitán Diego Ramón y las misiones del Río Grande"
The New Deal was it a Great Deal?

Virginia Martinez, Esquire, A Child of Great Expectations by Delia Gonzalez Huffman
Tracing Pointe Coupée's Creole Foundations to Nouvelle France : 1608-1745

Santos Sandoval Celebrated Turning 100 years old
José Miguel Arciniega Descendants Society
San Antonio: Legacy South Project to study, archive a 'Tejano genesis'
Descendents of Don Ignacio Gonzalez de Inclan, and Juana de Dios de Urrutia
Cuento: Stolen Citizenship by Ramon Moncivais
Inventory of the Félix D. Almaráz Papers, 1963-2002
Cortina attacks Brownsville
A&M San Antonio has formed "TCARA" Chapter

Los Virreyes de la Nueva Espana by Fernando Muñoz Altea
Plaza Historica Batalla de Monterrey 1846
Families of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Volume Nine
Heroe Olvidada: Capitan Don Pomposo Gomez
Recordando a Mis Hermanos Mayores del Colegio Militar
Soldados Norteamericanos muertos y sepultados en la Cd. de México,  durante la Guerra México-Estados Unidos 1846-1848
Matrimonio de los Padres del Gral. de Bgd. Don Mariano Moret Viscaino
Gemelas Ysabel Susana y Ana Maria, hijas de Don Tomas Jenkin y de Dona Ana Maria Jonson
Matrimonio de Don Juan Zuazua y Dona Antonia de la Garza

Star Quilts
Judge: Tribal Arrest a U.S. Issue

Archaeologists uncover Brazilian artifacts

Book:  Jewish Treasure of the Caribbean Photo Exhibit
Was Columbus a Jew? by Charles Garcia
Del castellano al ladino por Angel Custodio Rebollo

Julian Abele, Prominent African-American Architect

Cuento: Reminiscences of a Naval Aviator, WW II, by Daniel L. Polino
Cuento: Fey Esperanza: Sustained by Faith and Hope by Juana Bordas
Cuento: Every Day of Her Life by Carolina De Robertis
Royal Pedigree of Juan Ponce de Leon

Review of Film: "Una Noche" captures Cuba's Lost Generation by Mirta Ojito
U-2 Spy Photos of Cuba in '62
The History of women in Puerto Rico, Part 1 By: Tony "The Marine" Santiago
Mejor respuesta -  La existencia de Cuba

Informaciones Genealógicas
Genealogia Familiar

The New Miss World is Filipina Megan Young

La Prueba Del Humo by Angel Custodio Rebollo
You are Probably Descended from Charlemagne and Other Royalty by John Inclan
Giovanni Battista Schiappapietra da Albisola al Nuovo Regno di Leon
        Correspondence of Amancio J. Chapa, Jr.
Britos in Portugal by Marie Brito
Una guerra por una oreja Por José Antonio Crespo-Francés

Stunning Images Of A Tunnel Found From Gaza Strip Into Israel, by Amir Cohen
Israel Army: 2nd Tunnel From Gaza Found, Destroyed
Iran Trying to Recruit Latin American Youths

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